Benefits are:

  • Long lasting : Can last up to 3 years with proper care
  • Very low to no maintenance
  • Great option for any skin type
  • Great for covering up old permanent make up or microblading
  • Claudia has over 6 years experience in the pmu field
  • Offers an arrange of colors
  • This treatment can be customized from very low saturation, medium saturation, and high saturation for any lifestyle or look 
  • Water and sweat proof!

Powder Brows are named so because the idea is to make the brows looks like they have a bit of powder makeup on them. This is not done the same way as a traditional tattoo. 

This is done using a permanent makeup machine with a very small, very thin needle. Layer by layer the color is added until the desired saturation is reached.

The more ink in the skin (saturation) the more it will give the client the MakeUp look, the less ink in the skin,  the more of a natural finish can be achieved.

What to expect during your appointment:

  1. Consultation where you will go over expected results and over all looks
  2. Claudia will draw in your brows . after which you will look at them and make adjustments until the desired shape is reached
  3. She will then measure your brows with her personalized method and make sure they are symmetrical. You will also help make sure they look symmetrical to you
  4. Claudia will then make color suggestions and will show you what she thinks will look and work best with your skin
  5. The procedure begins. This can last anywhere between 30min to an hr
  6. Once completed, you will get to look and make adjustments to the shape
  7. Once you are satisfied, you will get aftercare instructions along with your aftercare kit. No need to purchase it on your own!
  8. And youre all done! Enjoy your water proof brows!

Powder Brows